Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wonderful Weekend - Celebrating our Independence

This weekend we had a lot of fun.

On Saturday, Jeff worked at home and took care Kent, Kaomi and Felicity.  I took Katy and Clark out for the day.  We went to the mall, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.

On Sunday we enjoyed our Church service and Sunday School classes.  In the afternoon/evening we met with some of the people in our Small Group for a picnic supper, swimming, and ice cream.  It was great to catch up with those we haven't seen in a few weeks.

On Monday we went to the 4th of July Parade in Denton.  Kaomi wanted to know if we would see Santa in the parade.  We told her we didn't think so.  She was excited to see Santa and one of his elves riding a motorcycle :)  After the parade we returned home and Jeff mowed the grass and worked on the baby gate he is building for our stairs.   I cut and peeled apples to make applesauce in the crockpot.  I am planning on making some apple butter in the crockpot using the applesauce I made.  I also unpacked another box.  After supper, we went to see the fireworks in Denton.  We went early and met up with a few people from our small group and then some neighbors of ours who have kids that we know came to the same area.  The kids had fun running around and playing for 2 hours and even made some new friends.  Then after it was dark and we were waiting for the fireworks to start Kent lost his first tooth.  He went to open his water bottle, with his teeth and his tooth fell out.  The fireworks were great and Felicity laughed and giggled at the grand finale.

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