Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Cuckoo Clock

This cuckoo clock is in our dining room.

It was given to Jeff and I as a wedding present from Auntie Diane and Uncle Phil.  They remembered the few times that I visited in their home as a child sitting or standing in their dining room watching their cuckoo clock.  I loved to listen to it tick-tock, cuckoo, and watching Uncle Phil wind it every day.

Listening to our cuckoo clock tick-tock and cuckoo bring back memories of being at Uncle Phil and Auntie Diane's home.

First of all they lived in an old farmhouse from the 1800's? in Connecticut.  My memories may not be 100% accurate as it has been a long time since I was last there and I will probably never get to return there either.  It had fireplaces in the bedrooms upstairs and downstairs in the living room and master bedroom.  The staircase was skinny and kind of "spiraled" or at leas it turned some.

I Remember:
- playing outside and being told not to get to close to the billy goat or he would butt me.  I don't think I got too close.

- playing on the large porch.  I played with a toy stove.  I also remember looking out the screened in porch at the large yard.  My older brother slept on the porch that summer.

- going with their son Tim and my older brother to look for a lost cow.  We found it in the woods.  I remember my legs ached and I was tired from walking a long time looking for the cow.  We got home just as it got dark.  I vaguely recall being in the barn, but I don't remember much about it.

-playing in a little blue swimming pool in the yard.

-playing with a real china doll that I had to be very careful with because it was very old.

-sitting in the dining room eating a meal and watching the cuckoo clock.

-helping Auntie Diane make popsicles in the kitchen.

-visiting in the winter and having a "Colonial Days" theme.  My Mom took my younger sister and brother and I to visit and we got to pretend we lived in the Colonial Days.  We did our best to dress the part, cook over the fire in the fireplace, and practice spinning yarn with the spinning wheel.  I'm sure we did something else that day too, but I don't remember it now.  I also watched the cuckoo clock.

Do you have a cuckoo clock memory?


  1. Yes! My mom has your same cuckoo clock on her dining room wall, so you just made me homesick! One year while we were visiting for Christmas the batteries started dying, and tha tpoor bird warbled the most horrific songs marking the hours, that rather than changing the batteries, we just laughed at the tops of the hours until we cried. I'll never forget how hilarious that visit was because of the silly cuckoo!

  2. ours is all mechanical, so it doesn't do that!


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