Monday, July 18, 2011


On Wednesday Jeff took Kent and Katy to VBS.  I stayed home in the morning to play with Kaomi and Felicity.  I played with Felicity for a little while and them we all sang a few songs.  After that Felicity went down for her nap and Kaomi wanted me to string beads with her.  I made a bracelet for both Kaomi and Katy.   Kaomi made a necklace.  Than Kaomi wanted me to read to her.

On Thursday, I worked on getting stuff ready for school.  Kaomi sat at the table by me to color.  She was so excited that she gets to start school soon.

On Friday after we dropped the two oldest off at VBS Kaomi and I went to Micheal's to look around.  Then we went to the mall and Felicity and Kaomi played on the playground.  They had so much fun and it was air conditioned :)

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  1. It must feel wonderful to your middle child to get some extra attention from you. :-)


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