Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What have we been up to?

Last week we went to the Farmers' Market.  I let each of the kids pick something out.  Kent picked round zucchini and scallop squash.  Katy picked corn for supper.  Kaomi picked yellow squash.  I picked a cantaloupe and peaches.  We came home and started in on the peaches.

The kids had fun peeling peaches for me to make jam.  My jam ended up a failed experiment so I turned it into peach butter.  We are still trying to decide if it is good.

On Sunday afternoon Jeff unpacked several more boxes that were in the dining area of the kitchen.  They were my China that we haven't unpacked since we moved into our previous house before Kent was born.  They now have a place in my kitchen cupboards.

Cake Plate
My china pattern is Royal Schwarzburg RSC 23.  I think it is very pretty.  Now we can have a formal dinner.

This week is Vacation Bible School at our church.  Kent and Katy get to go this year and they are both on the same team.  Today while they were at VBS Kaomi, Felicity, Clark, and I went to the Farmers' Market.  Kaomi wanted another cantaloupe.  I bought some tomatoes to serve with our tacos for dinner and some okra to fry for tomorrow.  I also bought some more peaches.  Jeff wanted a cobbler.  This afternoon after quiet time Kent and Katy helped cut the peaches for the cobbler and Kaomi helped make the batter.  Jeff was happy to have his cobbler.

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  1. Oh how I love the Farmer's Market! We got some AMAZING peaches there last week. Mmmm. I've been drooling about them in my memory. Can't wait for this week!

    Yay for your china! That makes me happy!


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