Wednesday, August 31, 2011

14 Spiders

Today Katy was reading about the mother mud wasp and how it makes its nest and provides food for her babies.

After we finished reading we went outside and we looked at a mud wasp nest that I had noticed the other day outside our front door.  We got to look at the various shades of dirt and see an incomplete room.  There was also a complete room, so I took the nest off the wall and carefully broke the end of it so we could look inside.  I think the first thing that dumped out was the baby wasp.  Then we counted the spiders that came out of it.  There were 14 spiders inside one room to feed one baby wasp before it would hatch.  God created mother wasps to know how to take care of their babies even when they don't stay around to watch them grow up.

Katy wasn't real thrilled looking at the spiders, she went inside crying even though I had explained that they couldn't hurt her.

After I came back inside she came and asked me if she could have a mud wasp coloring page.  When I found a picture of a wasp that she could color she ran off with it happily to color it brown just like the mud wasps we have observed around here.

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