Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Decluttering

Even though we just moved and I tried to declutter as we packed to move there are still many things I've found to declutter this month.  I was inspired by A Slob Comes Clean to post what I've done. 

In July I decluttered:
-books that had seen better days
-jars that I couldn't find the lids for
-papers that are always accumulating
-children's clothes that we no longer wanted or needed

I also tried to use up some various items that were sitting around my home that were open or out.  I was able to use them up and therefore get them out of my home or if they are still here they are currently being used.


  1. Go you! I always wonder how I end up with so many jars without lids . . .

  2. Well done for continuing to declutter as you unpack - I always have the opposite problem, lids with no jars!


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