Friday, August 12, 2011

Our School Work Areas

Every morning we begin school with the pledge and prayer in our living room.  This is easiest for me because I am usually trying to finish getting stuff done downstairs and sometimes Felicity is still in her chair for breakfast.  I also use the living room for reading lessons, storytime, and some of Kaomi's school.
Kaomi practicing her Rhyme for the letter "B".

We use the kitchen/dining area for science, anything messy (i.e. paint), and Kaomi's projects.

We use the dining room for piano practice.

We go outside to use sidewalk chalk, do something active, or for free play in the back yard.
Geography with Daddy!

Katy working on Math.
 Upstairs is our main school area.  In the school room I do much instruction and correcting schoolwork.  Katy completes her work at a table there.

This is where all of our books and school supplies are kept.

Kent does much of his school work at his desk in his room, once he has been given instructions on what to do.
Kent reading Science.
 I'm linking this up over at Fur Lined Toilet Seats for Saturday School Show and Tell.

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  1. I love that the kids get to go outside to learn, too! And that their dad helps teach them.
    When Sam was a baby, we did school work in many rooms, too. He was so busy getting into stuff that I had to fit school in between seeing to him. I'm hoping that our school room gets more use this year so that we don't have a mess everywhere, everyday!
    But yes, our kitchen table gets a lot of school use too!
    Thanks for linking up to our little show and tell. It's so fun to see what others are doing and to know that we aren't in this alone.
    Next week, I'll host another and you can link anything from the week that you want to share. :)


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