Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 Trip to NY - Part 4

We also got to visit my Grandma at her cabin and see Grandpop and Grandma when we were at my parents' home.
Grandma P.

All the kids with Great Grandma

Uncle Phil and Auntie Diane

Clark with Great Grandpop
Clark with Great Grandma

Lissie with Aunt Olive
Clark with Aunt Karen

Building a dam in the creek.  Kent, Katy, Caleb, and Ryan.
We went to my brother Tim's Wedding.  He and Joni had a very nice wedding and Kaomi and Samarah were the flower girls.
My Brother Ben and his wife Cathy and their children spent several days with us at my parent's home.

Pa and Mimi with all their grandchildren.

Aunt Rebekah with all her neices and nephews.  (Uncle Sean had just started a new job and wasn't able to come.)

Ben and Cathy and Jeff and I with all our children.
Parts One and Two and Three.


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