Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip to New York - Part 5

This is the final post about our trip to New York.

Mom and Dad saying good-bye.

Windmills in western NY
 The greenness in New York and the nearby states was amazing.  I don't think I ever appreciated it as much as I did during this trip.  Here in Texas green is fleeting and brown is much more common.

We got to see a beautiful sunset our last night in NY over Lake Erie while we were driving.  It's hard to believe how well these pictures came out considering I took them while we were driving.

Our last morning we stopped to see Lake Erie.  Unfortunately we were unable to go down by the water.

Here's a fun hole to put my foot in.

We left NY and went to Indiana visit some friends from college, who we haven't seen since their wedding 9 years ago.
All the kids had fun making new friends.

We would have loved to spend another day or two visiting with Jeremy, Missy, Liberty and Mercy, but it was time to head home.

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  1. We wish you could have stayed longer, too! :-) It was wonderful to visit again.


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