Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I really do have things to write


this week has been busy with:
-taking Kent and Katy to VBS and picking them up again a couple hours later.  They are having fun.
-trying to keep up with everything I usually do, but my schedule is so out of whack
-thinking I want to write about ___________.
-knowing I have some pictures on my camera to download and realizing by the time I download them it will be a little late to write a post about July 4th, etc.
-being tired
-trying to love on my kids
-enjoying listening to my kids play with the neighbor kids who stopped over at 5:55pm yesterday and Kaomi invited them for dinner, fortunately I heard her and had already made the necessary adjustments in case they did stay, I told them it was okay and they asked their mom and we all enjoyed pancakes, scrambled eggs and strawberries.
-trying to finish the little details that I want to finish in planning to start back to school.  We start on Monday.
-trying to keep up with laundry, which has been a challenge lately all by itself and adding fewer hours in my morning to get it done.  Laundry and I don't seem to mix in the afternoon very well.
-Jeff gave me a gift card to Mardel's a while ago.  I thought it was for $20, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I only owed 10 cents when the total rang up $25.10, and I actually had a dime in my wallet.
-Jeff being really busy at work and going in earlier and working later (some days).
-Trying to stay on top of the dishes
-keeping up with kids chores, as they have to start them earlier since they are going to VBS
-realizing that maybe the reason we start school the week after VBS is because we spend the week of VBS making sure we are up and out of the house with breakfast and most chores done by 8:30ish, so we are beginning a new schedule this week after having had some flexibility in when we've done things over the past few weeks.

-Ya'll could pray for me and the kids as we start school and try to find a new groove next week.  Pray for peace for us all and adaptability and positive attitudes and smiles.

Maybe I'll get some pictures downloaded and some posts pre-worked on this weekend, but don't count on it.  I'm busy Saturday starting at 7 am.


  1. What a wonderful life you have. Enjoy!
    Praying for you as you begin your school year.

  2. So, I know I'm reading this post a month late, but I'm praying for you anyway! :-) You could always use a few more prayers, right!


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