Monday, January 14, 2013

Bible Trivia Baseball

Tonight was our weekly Christian Service Brigade meeting at church and Kent is in the Stockade-Builders group, which is the group for 3rd and 4th graders.  Each week our Builders group meeting is led by a different one of the dads, and tonight the dad that was leading our group led the boys in a game of Bible Trivia Baseball.  The way the game works is by setting up a playing "field" and dividing the boys all up into into two teams.  In this case, the "bases" in the "field" were the four support columns in the building where we meet.  The boys were assigned teams and then lined up either in the field or "at bat."  The first "batter" is then given a choice of question difficulty in the form of a "single," "double," "triple," or "home-run."  If he gets the question right he get to go the number of bases that corresponds with the chosen difficulty.  If he gets it wrong, the other team gets an opportunity to "catch" the question, thereby causing an out.  If the fielding team is unable to answer the question, then it counts as a strike against the batter and he gets a second "swing" at a new question.  The game progresses in that fashion until the desired number of innings is complete (or until you run out of time--as was the case for us).

The whole point of me describing all of this is just to afford me an opportunity to brag on my boy, Kent.  In the Bible Trivia baseball game, most of the boys were selecting single or double questions, so I fully expected Kent to follow their lead.  When it was Kent's turn to bat, I was surprised (and perhaps a little proud..ok a lot proud) when he confidently stated that he wanted to go for a "home-run."  He was presented the following question (more or less):  What kind of fruit was on the tree from which Adam and Eve were not supposed to eat?  The given answer was that the Bible doesn't say what it was, but Kent's answer was instant and clear: "The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil."  The leader accepted that answer to be as good as the given answer, so Kent scored his first home run...with two runners on base!  I was instantly stricken with about the worst case of PDS (Proud Daddy Syndrome) that I think I have ever had.  As you can see, it was a bad enough case to get me to my keyboard.

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