Saturday, March 16, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  We had a lesson from Quinn about crying, all day long.  We went to the library for storytime and to pick out new books.  Katy had a piano lesson.

Tuesday:  Katy practiced the piano.  Kaomi practiced writing words with pl and fl.  We read history and Kent and Katy completed a notebooking page.  We did a science experiment making a "canvas" bucket to hold water like a pioneer peddler might have used to water his horse and carry any water he needed.  Ours came unfolded and leaked out the corner, but when we put a little less water in it it stayed together.  I'm thinking the peddler probably quick stitched his canvas where we used duct tape.  Katy worked on copywork and corrected math and cursive.  Kent corrected his math, too.  Kent, Katy and Kaomi went outside to make and fly paper airplanes and toss a football around with our neighbor who is on spring break this week and was tired of being home all day.  Kent "helped" Jeff fix the fence in the backyard.

"canvas" water bucket

Wednesday: We did Bible altogether.  Kaomi did a reading review, began her new math book with addition, and finished The Adventures of Grandfather Frog.  Kent completed English, Math and Piano practice.  Katy completed English, finished her science paper about yesterday's experiment, and practiced writing some words in cursive.  Felicity and Clark listened to a few stories and Felicity started making a caterpillar on our wall that is made up of books we have read.  We will continue to add to the caterpillar.

Thursday: Kent had a piano lesson.  He also completed reading, copywork, English, and math.  Felicity and Clark listened to stories and painted egg carton caterpillars to go along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Katy made some corrections, finished her reading book, practiced the piano, worked on a division lapbook, and completed copywork.  Kaomi worked on handwriting, math, and a color by dot.  In her reading she began learning 3 letter consonant blends.

Friday:  Katy worked on her division lapbook, practiced the piano, completed English and cursive and began a project for reading.  Kent worked on math, practiced the piano, completed copywork, English, and reading.  We did science reading altogether.  Felicity and Clark had storytime and Felicity colored a butterfly with markers.  Kaomi completed reading, handwriting, and math.  We also began the Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel for her storytime.

Even though we were playing catch up all week, we had a pretty good week of school.  We started everyday in the late morning and worked through the afternoon. 

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