Saturday, March 30, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  We began with The Pledge of Allegiance and Bible.  We listened to the first two chapters of Genesis and a song about our creator.  Kent and Katy completed their piano practice.  Kent needed to work on his reading project, he also completed a English lesson and worked on Bible reading.  Katy practiced cursive, finished her division lapbook, and worked on Bible reading.  For Bible reading Kent and Katy were to choose one of the Gospels to work on reading through this week.  Kent chose to read Luke and Katy chose to read Matthew.  If they finish the book before the week is over then they can choose any other book in the Bible that they want to read.  Kaomi worked on Bible reading with me.  We used The Beginner's Bible which is a Bible storybook, and she read many words of the first 2 chapters.  I read the words she didn't know or hasn't learned yet.  She was excited about reading the stories, The Beginning and Adam and Eve.  We went to the library for storytime.  After Lunch, we listened to excerpts from Genesis 3 and 4.  The audio drama Bible we are listening to is called Kidz Bible.

Tuesday:  We began with The Pledge of Allegiance  and listened to more of the audio drama Bible.  We watched a DVD about Harriet Tubman for history.  Then everyone worked on their Bible Reading.  Kent and Katy worked on Math, English and piano practice.  Katy worked on cursive.  Kent worked on completing his reading project reflection form.  Kaomi practiced math addition, reading and listened to The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel.  During lunch we listened to more of the audio Bible.  We also worked on science and talked about how we can tell the weather from the way the sky looks.  We had storytime and everyone practice narrating the chapter that we read in The Great Horn Spoon.

Wednesday:  We began with The Pledge of Allegiance and listened to the audio Bible.  Kent, Katy, and Kaomi worked on their individual Bible reading.  Katy practiced the piano and Kent helped with Clark, while I Kaomi worked on math.  Katy completed English and the helped watch Clark so Kent could work on English and math.  Kent began reading Freedom Train as extra history reading.  Katy corrected cursive.  She's been really sloppy with her letters lately and isn't happy that I keep making her redo parts of the last couple pages, which weren't being done her best.  During Lunch we listened to more of the Bible.  We read history and science.  Everyone got a picture of an old mill to color for science and Kent and Katy were assigned the a notebooking page for history about the Civil War.  Kent practiced the piano and I worked with Katy on math.  She started learning about money and how to add it up.  I also read several stories to Felicity and Clark and wrote the titles on the reading cocoon.  Kaomi asked me to read her The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel, while we were waiting for supper to cook in the oven.

Thursday: This morning we had an errand to run, so we didn't really started any school until we returned home.  Kent and Katy practiced the piano.  We listened to the Audio Drama Bible after lunch.  We had science and storytime together.  Kent and Katy worked on their individual work in the afternoon, mostly during quiet time.  Kaomi worked on reading one of the Bible Stories in The Beginner's Bible.

Friday:  Everyone did Bible reading.  Katy had a piano lesson.  Kent and Katy did math and English.  Kaomi worked on math and handwriting.  Katy had cursive and copywork.  Kent worked on his extended history reading and piano practice.  We had storytime, history and listening to the audio Bible together.  Felicity listened to stories and worked on a puzzle.

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