Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Reading to My Kids

This month and next I am trying to focus more on reading to my kids.  In particular I want to read more to Lissie and Clark.  I spent a lot of time reading books to Kent, Katy and Kaomi when they were little.  I recently realized that I haven't been reading as much to my youngest children and even though they often join us for storytime, the books aren't on their level.  I know they would love to have Mommy read more picture books that they can really relate with and enjoy.  There are so many times Lissie has asked me to read her a book and I "have" to go do something.  I'm going to try making sure I take the time for her and to read that book, even if I have to do it at a different time in the same day.  Last night while I was waiting for supper to finish heating I picked up Clark to sit in my lap and grabbed a couple of board books to look at with him.  The next thing I know, Lissie was snuggled up against me, Kaomi was sitting on the arm of the loveseat next to me and Kent and Katy were both crowding around the front of me all listening and looking at the board books.  When I finished the books I had picked up, somebody handed me a few more and I read those.  Before I knew it 20 minutes had passed and supper was ready.

Do you read to your kids?  What is one of your favorite children's books?

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  1. Suanna, Reading to you 4 was a favorite for me and I never heard any of you complain about it either. It was precious quiet time for all of us. When I got a cold - uh-h-h! But when one of you were old enough to read you could sub for me - but only for a little while!
    Love, Mom

  2. We LOVE reading as well. I especially enjoy the alphabet mystery series story books when the kids are younger, and Liberty has me re-reading Charlotte's Web for the third time now, so I'm guessing she likes it!


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