Monday, February 23, 2015

Suanna's Birthday

For my birthday, Katy and Kaomi made me a special place setting.  Katy helped me toast my bagel breakfast.  After Quinn went down for his nap I sewed/mended several items that were waiting for my attention.  Lissie was excited to have me fix a dress that the hem had started coming out of and she's asked me several times when I would fix it.  After lunch we watched "The Princess Diaries."  Then the kids had a short quiet time.  For supper we went out to Fudruckers and the Jeff took us all to Mardel's and I got to pick out a couple pictures that I liked to hang on the wall.  Then we came home and ate homemade gluten free cheesecake that Jeff had made and opened presents.

Suanna's Special Place Setting-2015

From the boys

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