Friday, February 13, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Week 6 - Oven and Other Odds and Ends

This week got me working just a little on my recipes.  I straightened up my recipe cards that were sitting out and put them back in the box where they belong.  I left out my recipe for cornbread on the magnetic recipe holder since I use it a lot.  I also took the green sticky note recipe that I had written for my blog down and wrote the blog post I had planned for Taco Soup.

Over last weekend I worked in my garden, taking out the dirt and putting new weed barrier in the bottom of the garden on the left.  The weed barrier was in better shape than I was expecting, so I may not replace it in the other gardens.  Clark (3) helped me move the dirt from the garden into a bucket.  We still need to clean out the garden on the right, but we are closer to being ready to plant when the time comes.

Monday, while I worked on my kitchen counters Clark and Quinn ran around in their capes pretending to be Batman.  The girls were working on finishing cleaning their room from the weekend and Kent was working on his room, too.

counter during
counter before
 Isn't there some kind of unwritten law that when you want to clean your counters you have to make a bigger mess first?  I chose to work on this counter, there are more that still need work.

 I turned the 20# of tomatoes on the counter into sauce and while the sauce was cooking I shelled the cowpeas that were sitting on the counter, from my garden in the fall.  There was about a pound of them.  Then I cleaned more of the counter.  The tomatoes made almost 7 quarts of sauce, which is now in my pantry.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of my clean counter, before I used the kitchen again, but it is much less cluttered now.

Tomato Sauce
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While working on the tomato sauce, I was also trying to help the girls get some organization to their messy room.  They now have a system of checking a set of toys in to get a different set off of their closet shelf.  So far it seems to be working pretty well.  They have their dolls, dress-up, stuffed animals and a few other small odds and ends that are available all the time.

 Here's the "rules" posted on their closet door.

Later in the week I cleaned the oven and stove top.

 the button to find out the details for next week's cleaning challenge. 


  1. You got a lot done this week! And hey, all that beautiful tomato sauce is worth messy counter tops! Love the idea of checking toys in and out too.

    1. Homemade food is definitely worth an occasional messy counter top.

  2. I think you get a pass on the oven. All the other work you did is great!

    1. Thanks! My toaster oven is in need of a thorough cleaning. I'll get to it before to long.


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