Saturday, February 28, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Week 8: Living Room

This week I cleaned off the top of the entertainment center and dusted.  Then I cleaned the entertainment center cabinets.  I found several things that we didn't need and could donate, recycle, or throw away.  Jeff cleaned the ceiling fan for me and helped take the curtains down so I could wash them.  I worked on my desk.  It's not finished, but any papers/boxes that were no longer needed are now in the recycle bin.  I had Kent go through the toy basket in the living room and take out all the baby toys.  I weeded out the ones that were to worn to keep and put several in the donate box.  The rest I put away to get out in a few months when we have new babies to play with them.  I also had Kent get out all the playdoh stuff from the drawers in the dining room and I donated about half of the stuff we had.  We never use it all at the same time so I kept the kids favorite stuff and got rid of the doubles and my least favorite stuff and the things that were seldom played with.

Jeff helping with the curtains
Ladders are fun

Games before
Games After

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  1. Love the before and after pictures! You all did a GREAT job- those curtains are not a small job!!! Love your cute little helper on the ladder. Thanks once again for linking up and sticking with us!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate the challenges as it gives me something specific to focus on rather than working helter skelter and feeling like I've done nothing.


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