Friday, February 20, 2015

Felicity's 5th Birthday

Felicity turned 5 last week.  She is growing into such a little lady.  Our theme for the day was Snow.  We didn't have any real snow for her birthday, but we had fun anyway.  At her place setting I gave her a nice warm "snow" dress that was a hand me down from a cousin.  It was a hit.  She put it on right away.  Then she and Daddy went to the donut shop to pick out donuts for her special breakfast.

Felicity and Daddy

Happy 5th Birthday, Felicity!

Special "snow" place setting

After breakfast everyone who wanted to colored a "snow" picture.  Then the girls dressed up their American Girl dolls for a snowy day.  While they were doing that Kent and Clark played trains upstairs and Quinn took a nap.  Then they had "snowballs" for a morning snack.  They were donut holes with white icing.
The girls with some of their dolls.

After lunch, we tried out some instant snow.  We weren't able to make a snowman like the can said, but everyone had fun with their hands in it trying to shape it into something or just squeezing it through their fingers.

Then Grammy and Riley came over for a little while and brought Lissie an "Anna" dress from the movie frozen.
Grammy, Riley, and Felicity
 For supper Felicity wanted to go to Miguelitos and then we came home and sang happy birthday to Lissie and she opened her presents.  It was late and everyone was full from supper, so we saved the cake eating until the next day.
Felicity's 5th birthday, "Snow Cake"

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