Friday, March 13, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Week 10: Entryway

Entry Before
This week was cleaning the entryway.  After having a little snow on a couple occasions the entry had gotten pretty dirty from the snow and grass that had been tracked in from the front yard.  We had used towels as rugs and they helped to keep the mess to a minimum. 
Entry Before

Kent and Clark helped me in the entryway.  They started to put things that didn't belong away, Kent hung up coats and put the dirty laundry where it could be washed.  I put the rest of the activity boxes from upstairs inside the buffet cabinets.  The red basket in the picture above still held the books to donate to our library.  I put the books into a box and we took them to the library later that day.  The youngest three have backpacks that we keep ready to take with us to church or on outings when they need to take something with them.  The backpacks used to be the only thing that went in the cabinets, but they didn't fit there with the activity boxes, so I put them in the blue basket on top of the buffet.  Then I found a crate and repurposed it to go where we keep our library books.  We don't have many checked out right now.  I'm not sure that crate is the best for keeping books in, but it will work until I come up with something else.  Kent and I swept the dirt from the tile and then he and Clark washed the baseboards and tile, while I dusted the picture frames.

When we were finished, Kent also vaccumed the carpet in the dining room and around the entryway.

Entryway after
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  1. Wow, Suanna, what a difference! Great job, my friend! Thanks for linking up!


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