Friday, March 20, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean - Week 11: Hall Closet

Last week we cleaned the entryway and since I've been wanting to get the closet under our stairs cleaned out for a while I worked on that the next day.  I know I was supposed to work on the bathrooms, but I'll get to that, maybe the week we are supposed to work on the Hall Closet.

Katy was my delegated helper and of course Clark helped too.  He likes to be involved in whatever is going on.

     We pulled everything out from the closet floor and I went through a couple of boxes of kitchen stuff that had been opened and dug through a few times to find things since we moved a few years ago.  The other things I just didn't use on a regular basis and hadn't ever found a good home for them in my kitchen.  I decided since they had been there for so long without being used that they probably didn't need to stay in our home anymore.  I found a few things that I moved to my kitchen, but the rest went in the giveaway pile.  I contacted a couple people I knew and asked them if they wanted any of the items I wanted to re-home.  They each took a few items and the rest is going in the donate box.  After throwing out the trash from the closet, Katy vacuumed it and then we put the items we wanted to keep in there back where they belonged. 

     The winter clothes all gets washed and placed in a plastic tub in the back of the closet for the next year.  We're not quite ready to put everything up yet, so I will do that in a few weeks when I am sure we are done with them.

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  1. Good job! Yes, when we get to the hall closet I expect to see your clean bathrooms! ;). Thanks for linking up and tell your helpers they are cuties!!

    1. Thanks! My girls did work a little in the bathrooms.


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