Tuesday, March 10, 2015

CSB Shape 'n' Race

This past weekend was Kent's Christian Service shape and race event. 

Kent did almost all of the work and assembly on his car, waiting until the last minute and putting it all together and painting it the afternoon it was due.  He named it "The Green Toothy Monster."  Jeff helped the girls build a race car for the Powder Puff run.  Katy worked on the design and painting and Kaomi helped with the wheels.  Katy painted it red and blue with white stars.  Felicity didn't like it, so she didn't want to participate.  Jeff designed and built a Ford Bronco for Clark and Quinn to enter in the open class event.  He spray painted it yellow and I added the detail work with sharpie markers and Clark's input. 

They all worked hard.  Kent's race had many entries and his car struggled to make it down the track.  Jeff thought he had some glue on the wheels.  Katy's and Kaomi's car did well, she came home with 2 red ribbons.  Clark's and Quinn's had only three entries in their race and they got three blue ribbons and the trophy.  Clark was beaming with excitement.

I guess I only got a picture of Clark and his car and ribbons this year.

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