Monday, April 6, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 12 & 13 - Gameroom and Pictures

Week 12 for the 34 weeks of Clean was to work on the Family Room and DVD's.  Since our main living room is where we spend most of our family time and I went through our DVD's on Week 8 I thought I might get to work a little on our gameroom.  We've been out of town for a couple weeks and when I got back I found that my sister-in-law had come over and worked on the gameroom while we were gone.  She picked up all the toys that didn't belong and set them in groups according to the boys or girls rooms.  She found all the "missing" socks under the futon and put them in the dirty laundry basket and vacuumed.  Since I had plans to work in the gameroom this week and she made a great dent in what was scattered around I can focus better on a smaller, but much needed task as we get ready to do some reorganizing in the next few weeks upstairs.  
Gameroom Before

  I cleaned the corner cabinet and Katy cleaned her desk cabinet.

After the children were in bed for the evening, Jeff and I brainstormed about what we want to do with the gameroom.  We are working to make it into a "playroom".  We moved the TV on top of the corner cabinet and put the xbox and dvd's in the cabinet.  That helps keep them out of sight and raises the TV out of low swinging reach of Clark and Quinn.  The old shelf that we had the TV on became a nightstand in our guest room.  We made plans to move the bookshelves and free up some wall space and we talked about toy storage and how we can help reduce the number of items out in the "playroom" at one time.

Gameroom After
Guestroom, progress made
The gameroom isn't quite finished, but a lot of progress was made toward getting it where we want it to be soon.  Apparently the trains were played with and not cleaned up today before I went to take the picture.  My sister-in-law came over and helped with some of the projects we were working on and her help was wonderful.  We were able to go through Clark and Quinn's clothes and pull out the too small clothes and sort them into the proper storage containers and giveaway bag.  We worked on
moving one of the bookshelves from the gameroom to the office/guest room, and made continued progress on getting the guest room ready for guests again.  We also tackled Kent's room, since we have have plans to move Clark into Kent's room very soon.  We are planning to make the boys room just a room for sleeping and have the play area in the gameroom.  When we started on Kent's room we could barely see any of the floor under all of his Legos and paper trash collection.  We've removed several 13 gallon size trash bags full of mostly paper trash and he will be learning how to better let go of the things he doesn't need to keep long term.

Kent's room in progress
 Week 14's challenge is Craft Supplies, so I'm hoping to finish the office/guest room this week since that is most of what is in there.  I already purged a large bag of fabric that I don't think I will use and my sister-in-law took a few pieces from the stash that she thought she would be able to use.

Week 13's challenge is "Pictures and Scrapbooks."  I only had two days to work on this challenge, so I didn't get much done.  I've learned over the last several years to delete the digital pictures that aren't very good and keep only what I really want.  It cuts down on the clutter in my computer photo program.  So for this week I downloaded the pictures from my camera from our trip and got rid of any that I didn't want to keep.  Hopefully, I'll post some of them on my blog soon.

Week 14's challenge and details can be found by clicking the button below.


  1. Looks like you have gotten a lot done despite being gone! Way to go! Plus, I think I would like to have your sister in law- how awesome she must be to bless you with all of that help. we have a child who loves to keep stuff as well. We finally got him a fishing tackle box and he keeps the little things he wants to keep on top and papers on the bottom. If he needs more space, he has to choose what to let go of. It stays in his closet and has really helped him learn about what is worth keeping and what is not.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. We've tried a few different keeper items, but so far he hasn't had a desire to use them consistantly. I'm sure we'll be thinking about some different ideas for how he can keep some of his "treasures" without his little brothers being able to get into them.


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