Monday, April 13, 2015

34 Weeks of Clean: Week 14 - Arts and Crafts

Working on arts and crafts meant working on my sewing room/office/guest room.  My before and after pictures don't do justice to what was actually accomplished, and I'm obviously not done yet. 

Closet before
Closet After

current fabric stash and patterns

I worked on going through the fabric I had and pulled out several pieces that I had purchased for our previous home and never made the item it was intended for and the fabric doesn't have the same vision in this house.  I put them in the giveaway box.  I went through my scrap box and organized my scraps by color and threw away several scraps that were too small to do anything with.  I was able to put the lid on my scrap box again and still have a little space for any new scraps that may come along.  I worked in the closet and was able to condense my fabric stash into a much smaller space than it had been taking up.  I also labeled the boxes so I will hopefully be able to more easily find what I am looking for.  We are still working on turning the gameroom into a playroom, so one of my chests of craft supplies for school was moved into the office.  I don't need little hands getting into paint and other small items.  I tossed several plastic items into the recycle bin and some patterns and other crafty items into the giveaway box.  I hope to spend some more time in this room getting the bed cleared off this week.

Kent's room rearranged
This weekend we also finished working on getting Kent's room all cleaned out.  We rearranged the furniture and left room for the toddler bed for Quinn to be moved up there later.  We also added a dresser since the drawers Kent has been using for clothes wouldn't work for the three boys.  The drawers in the dresser were broken and Jeff took a little while and fixed them so now they slide in and out easily again.  I bought the dresser used and broken about 10 years ago and it's only gotten worse.  We've talked about replacing it, but now it works just fine.  The plan is to have none to very few toys in this room and the toys will be in the playroom.  Kent even acknowledged that he is getting excited about Clark moving into his room.

 Week 15's challenge is the master bedroom.  Mine is in deplorable shape and I've been looking forward to getting a chance to tackle it.  It may take more than one week, but I'm sure planning on it looking much improved from its current state of catch all.


  1. Good job, Suanna! Fabric is one of the hardest things for us to go through as well! Sounds like the master bath assignment came at a perfect time- can't wait to see what you get done!

    1. Michelle, thanks for the challenges. I do like fabric. Over that last couple of years I've really tried to look through what I have before going to buy some for a project and I have often found something similar to what I wanted and didn't have to go to the store and buy any.


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