Friday, May 21, 2010

Blue Bubbles

I had noticed that Kaomi had stopped coloring with markers and I assumed she was done and had gone to play in her room....

Then Kent said:  "Mommy, Kaomi is in the bathroom and has blue soap."
Blue Soap?  The only blue soap we have in there is the girls shampoo.  Well, I guess I'll go see what he is talking about.

Sure enough Kaomi had blue soap, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

She had colored with blue marker all over both hands and then went to wash her hands and used the foaming soap (it looked like she had used about 1/4 of the bottle).  She had blue soap all the way up her arms, above her elbows and on her face where she must have pushed her hair back.  Of course she hadn't turned on the water so she couldn't rinse the soap off.  The top of the toilet where she was standing had soapy blue splotches all over it too.  I should have taken a picture, as she was a pretty shade of blue.  Of course I didn't think of taking her picture then.


  1. How funny, you know as my baby is graduating this next week we have been looking back at pictures of when they were small. The best pictures are not the ones where they are all dressed up for Easter and special things it is all the little picture of things like this. I didn't take near enough. Now it is much easier you don't have to get film developed. Take lots of pictures because you think you will remember in the midst of it all but after a while they just fade away and it is so much fun to remember these things.


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