Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Understanding of a Child

Yesterday I had sat down to feed Felicity and the phone rang.  It was my Mom (thanks for calling).  While I was still feeding Felicity and on the phone with Mom, I heard Kent (6) say from the bathroom, "I need a new roll of toilet paper."  I told him he would have to wait til I was done feeding Felicity.  Then I thought well maybe Katy can help him.  I sent Katy(4) to get the roll of toilet paper from my bathroom, but she came back shortly and said she couldn't get it off the holder.  Kaomi (2) was sitting there absorbing all that was going and she got up and went to try to get the toilet paper from my bathroom.  Soon she comes back with a whole wad of toilet paper and took it to Kent; who of course didn't want to use it since it wasn't on the roll.  I told Kent that it was okay to use it, because she brought it from my bathroom just for him.  Then she came back through with the leftover wad of toilet paper and put it back in my bathroom.  I have to admit what a smart child and why didn't I think of that?  She was probably sitting there thinking, "Why can't Katy get the toilet paper for Kent, I can do it."

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