Thursday, May 27, 2010

Feeding the Giraffe

We had a wonderful day.  Jeff was able to take the day off and we went to the Frank Buck Zoo.  It was a beautiful sunny and hot day.  We enjoyed seeing the animals.  We also enjoyed feeding the giraffe, the kids were just a little bit scared.  We held out romaine lettuce for him to eat.  Giraffe's have incredibly long tongues and he would stick it out trying to get the lettuce from you.  When he got the lettuce on his tongue he would curl up his tongue around it and pull the lettuce into his mouth to eat it.  Giraffes have purplish black tongues, too.  Later we were able to feed some goats.  After visiting the Zoo we ate lunch in the park outside the Zoo.  Then the kids had fun playing on the giant playground that was there.


  1. SO who held the lettuce? Purple Tongue!!! Did you get a close up photo of it? After feeding all those animals I imagine the kids were probably thinking of eating too!

  2. That must have been lots of fun! I'm glad Jeff was able to take the day off for a Zoo Day. :-)


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