Friday, May 7, 2010

Field Day

Today was our last day of school.  We have had a fun year.  I remember field days from when I was a child and I thought it would be fun to have one of our own.  So last night I quickly set up my sewing machine and grabbed a long piece of fabric (which I didn't remember its original intent) and my scrap box.  30 minutes later I had 3 sacks for a sack race and 2 bean bags.  Jeff helped set up an obstacle course in the back yard last night and we had a lot of fun today. 
     So this morning, armed with a bunch of stuff we had around the house we began our Field Day.  We had 2 different obstacle course races, marble toes, a three legged walk, Frisbee throw, snow cone relay, jumping contest, Spoon and egg race, Kicking for distance, a balloon popping race, a sack race and bean bag walk.  The kids all had a lot of fun and I am all tired out.  The balloon popping race was the funniest.  It was quite windy today, so I made sure to tell the kids to hold on to their balloons tight.  They had to take their balloons and sit in a designated square on the driveway and try to pop it by sitting on them.   Almost every time someones balloon blew away they would start crying and screaming because they lost their balloon.  Then we would try to chase it down and they would try to pop it again.  Katy popped the most; 4 in about 3 minutes.  Kent popped 4, but only 3 of them while the timer was going and Kaomi couldn't get hers to pop.  We only lost 2 or 3 balloons to the wind and who knows where they will end up.  Maybe I should have put messages in them.  Then we ate lunch (including the eggs from our egg race) outside.  I think the kids liked the obstacle course best as they continued to go through it after we were all done with our activities.

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