Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chore Charts

I made new chore charts this week for the kids.  Katy has been asking me to make a pink chore chart.  I revised our chore list and made a morning chore chart (pink) and an evening chore chart (blue).  They are all excited about it.  Katy is excited that she gets to wash the dishes once a week.  Kaomi is excited that she gets to help set the table and wipe it off after dinner a couple of times a week.  Then there is Kent...he was reading the chore charts and excitedly said, "Oh, boy I get to do chores on Saturdays."  He loves schedules and routine.  Maybe now he won't grumble if we give him a chore on Saturday, especially if he is just doing his regularly scheduled chores.


  1. Enjoy that while it lasts, my baby is or 4 is 18 and graduating today.. I mention dishes or anything that pertains to work and everyone of them whines like I am beating them... For Pete's sake they just have to load them in a box and turn it on... they don't have to go down to the river..oh I digress.. enjoy it while they are small :).

  2. We have a chore chart, too, and I'm enjoying the fact that as of now I don't have to think of any incentives. They're just thrilled to be able to put a magnetic star on the chart when something is accomplished. Life is grand at this age! :-)


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