Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Helpers

This morning we had a showing for our home.  I had about an hour before we needed to be walking out the door.  I delegated the girls to help get the house in order before we left, Kent wasn't here.  Kaomi, helped by picking up toys in her room while Katy finished her Handwriting.  Then Kaomi picked up Felicity's toys off the living room floor and Katy folded Felicity's blanket and straightened the pillows on the couch.  Both girls helped clean up everything in Kent's room and put it wherever they thought it belonged.  I quick cleaned the Master Bath, Master Bedroom and Kids Bathroom.  Katy swept the kitchen floor and the kids Bathroom.  Kaomi cleaned a few more things off her floor and put some books on the shelf.  I dust mopped the living room and grabbed Katy's schoolwork and put it in a bag to take with us.  While the girls put on their shoes I cleared off the kitchen counter (dishes that need to be hand-washed and on my schedule to do) some went under the sink and the pans went in the microwave ( I hope they didn't look in there:)  Then I quickly cleared off the kitchen table with the girls help and put on a new table cloth, set a big bowl of fruit in the middle and the crayon tower in front of Katy's place where I put her handwriting papers back on the table.  Loaded the girls and Felicity in the car with our school work and diaper bag.  Then I ran back inside and did a quick walk through and re-straighten, looked around the front of the house for any trash that had blown around and we left.  All this in AN HOUR.  WOW!  Thanks, Katy (5) and Kaomi (3) you did a great job.  I thought the house looked great, hopefully everyone else did, too.  Then we headed for the library, only for me to remember that the Library is closed on Thursdays, the girls didn't want to go to WalMart so we ended up at Chick-fil-a where I had a milkshake while the girls played on the playground, and wished there were some other kids to play with.  Then we picked up Kent from Science class and returned home, to have lunch and finish up school.


  1. Good for you. I remember how hard it is to prep a house for a showing when we had our house on the market. Hope that you get a quick and very good offer on your home. :)

  2. THAT brings back memories! I'm so glad they were wonderful helpers, and I HOPE your inspectors decide to become owners!


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