Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids Shopping

I took the kids shopping.  There's nothing new with that, except they each had $5 to spend from their Christmas money.  I told them they each had $5 to spend however they wanted with my approval.  They could spend it all in one place, or save some for something else. 

First we went to Mardel's.  They didn't find anything their they wanted that was within their budget.  Next we went to Michael's, there Katy found a heart shaped cardboard valentine with a yarn hanger.  It was white and had a design on it to color - $1.  She also found a little pink pig in the small animals - $2.
Kaomi found a package of 4 Valentine's Bracelets -$1 and a baby horse in the small animals - $2.  Kent didn't find anything there, so he decided to save his money to spend at Target.

We went to Fudrucker's for lunch, as the girls decided that they would rather have grilled cheese than chick-fil-a and Kent wanted a burger.

After lunch we went to Target.  First we went to the dollar section.  Kent right away found a sword - $1, then a mailbox - $1, and a red heart shaped basket - $1.  He wanted to save his other money for Legos.  I told him that Legos cost more than $2, so he put the mailbox back.  Kaomi found a pink princess wand - $1, a pink heart shaped basket - $1 and a pink headband - $1.  She had to decide which one to put back, the headband.  Katy found a small package of farm animals - $1, a barn - $1, and a box of foam sticker hearts - $1.  She decided to put the barn back.  Then we went with Kent to look at the legos, he couldn't find any for $3 so he found 3 hot wheels cars he wanted.  Then Kaomi found  a purple car, so she decided to put the pink basket back.

I found a sleeper for Felicity that was $7 so her extra came from her clothing budget.

They had a lot of fun and it was a great hands on math lesson and decision making lesson for them, too.  Then we did our grocery shopping.


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