Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missions Conference

Our Family attended Proclaim Missions Conference this weekend at our church.  The kids enjoyed going to "different countries" and learning about different aspects of those countries and missionaries that are there.  Jeff and I enjoyed hearing about many of our church missionaries and how God is using them.  We had the opportunity to attend 3 breakout sessions where we got to choose which mission teams/groups we wanted to learn more about.  We went to hear what the Mexico team is doing, as we know one of God's missionaries on that team.  Then we went to hear about Cadence International, which is a ministry to our Military and their families.  Lastly, we went to hear from the team in China.  There is so much going on that they do and much of their work is with men who live on the streets, God has given them so many opportunities to help physically and spiritually.  We have a new calendar of God's missionaries to pray for one specific missionary every week.  I'm looking forward to implementing this new calendar into our school prayer time and hopefully we will get to know some more of God's missionaries better.

It's amazing how God takes plain, ordinary people who do ordinary things and uses them for His extraordinary work.

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