Monday, January 3, 2011

Return to School

We started back to school today.  We've had about a total of 5 weeks off in the last 2 months and now it is time to get back to our routine.  It was a nice break, I enjoyed being able to do lots of stuff in December without worrying whether or not school was going to get done.  I was ready to have the kids start school again, just to decrease the playing, screaming, constant noise that goes on with four young kids in a small home.  Our day went very smoothly and were done with everything before 2 pm and we even took a trip to the library to return all our books which were due today.  I think all the kids were ready to go back to school today, too.  Kaomi was excited to have "school" with me and she was having trouble waiting her turn, but finally it was her turn and she chose an old kids magazine to look at with me.  Felicity had quiet time in her bed when I tired from keeping her contained and then she took a little nap and woke up just before lunch time, ready to sit in her chair and eat.

Then I proceeded to make Homemade Whole Wheat Soft Pretzels they sounded good, they are rising now and I will soon start shaping them.  I hope they are as good as they sound.


  1. Today was our first day back. Mostly did review. I am going to start first grade when my books get here that I ordered today.

    I hope that you are feeling better.

    God Bless

  2. Amy, thank you for your comment.

  3. We are getting back to school this week, too. Amazing how being off for a little while makes it fresh and fun again.

  4. We are back to school this week after a long break. Everything went well yesterday with a new schedule and several other changes. Today was wonky, though, as I had to take my teenage daughter to the doctor. She's been sick for a week and it turned out she had pneumonia! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good school day.


  5. Fatima: thanks for visiting. We have been having fun.

    Samantha: thanks for visiting and I hope your daughter feels better quickly.

  6. Jeremy had the week off last week, and since our move, I haven't been keeping a regular routine. Today I put stuff up on several walls, so I'm starting to feel settled, and I'm working on a new school routine that I'll start maybe next week. It feels good to see the end of chaos and the beginning of pattern again.


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