Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Since we finished getting the gardens ready to plant we were able to plant our seeds last week.

First we got out all the seeds I already had.

Then we made squares for our garden and each of the kids got to pick out something they wanted to plant.  Then we figured out how many plants of each thing we could plant in the square.

Then we made a mock garden layout so we could see where we thought everything should be planted in the first garden.


After we did all that I made a map of Garden 1.  So when we went out to the garden we would know where we needed to plant each thing.  I also made maps for gardens 2 and 3.  The maps serve as a record as to what we planted, where and then I can make notes as to how well it did or didn't do or if there is an adjustment I need to make for something next year.

We finished planting gardens 1 and 2 on Monday and we planted garden 3 on Tuesday.  I'll share what we planted in our gardens next week.

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