Monday, May 14, 2012

Preparing Food after My Shopping Trip

     After I return home from my trip to the grocery store.  It is time to put the food away.  Putting the food away helps me save money, by making sure that everything that belongs in the fridge or freezer is put there and doesn't spoil.  It's not very pleasant to find melted butter, wilted vegetables or rancid meat in a grocery sack a couple days after you come home.  I also can see what is in my pantry when it is all out on the shelves, saving me the hassle of wondering where something is that I purchased a couple of days later.
     As I am putting away my meat I decide if I can keep it in the fridge until the day I am going to use it or if it should go in the freezer.  Something else that I sometimes do is get my meat ready for cooking before I freeze it.  That means I get it out of the package, add any spices or veggies that will go with my meal and then I freeze it all together so I just have to thaw and grill or bake it or put it in the crockpot.  This works very well especially for a complete crockpot meal or soup.  Sometimes when I buy extra meat because it is on sale I will make up several meals with it to freeze, rather than freezing the family size package of meat and having more than I need when I thaw it again.  Easy ways to freeze meals are to put them into gallon size freezer bags or meal sized plastic containers.

Have you ever made a freezer meal?  Do you have a favorite freezer meal?

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