Saturday, August 18, 2012

In School This Week...

On Monday we had some cousins over to swim and play, so we had a lighter school book schedule.

Our Sand Castles
On Tuesday we finished our Seashore Study with the older kids making sandcastles.  Felicity made a beach in a bottle that she can play with during school time.  It has water, sand, small shells, small pebbles and 3 colored rocks that she can try to find.  Kent stayed up late making corrections so we didn't have to do them on Wednesday.
Felicity's Beach in a Bottle

On Wednesday we helped restock supplies in some of the classrooms at church, ran an errand at Wal-mart and Kent and Katy each completed their English Lesson for the day.

On Thursday Kaomi and I made Lego towers for math.

On Friday we had some friends over on short notice.  We did science together and went to the playground.  I took pictures, but haven't downloaded them yet.  We ended up with a little lighter schedule this day as well.


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