Wednesday, August 15, 2012


After having two storms in the past week that had damaging winds and provided lots of damage in our neighborhood, last night's storm was enjoyable.  It had some thunder and lightening, but nothing severe.  Then it proceeded to rain most of the night.  It is a pleasant sound to hear in the night when the water is dripping off the eves.  Definitely not a summer sound here, as it usually doesn't rain much at this time of year.  It sounded more like a refreshing, gentle spring rain.  I'm sure the pool water is quite cool today as well.  I'm not planning on swimming today to find out either.

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  1. I have a family-full of weather watchers - my crew would love, love, love to have a storm to endure. Me? I'd enjoy a nice, gentle, refreshing rain. One that lasted 3 days would be nice.
    I'm glad you did not have severe weather and that you enjoyed the sounds of the cool rain.


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