Saturday, August 25, 2012

In School this Week...

On Monday we did really well accomplishing our planned schoolwork as well as taking a trip to the library.  Even Kent and Katy were excited to see the end of their school time as we sat down and worked on history and reading together before they went off on their own to finish up.  They weren't too happy about having to make corrections after quiet time, but if we can do it before the tomorrow then we can get started without having to back up first.  Felicity decided to get into trouble rubbing diaper rash cream all over her face when I was working on English with Katy.  After Jeff came home from work Felicity was playing with his phone and had music on.  The next thing I knew she was holding the phone up to her ear and "talking".  She had called Uncle Andrew and left a message and she had called Grammy.  Jeff called it "toddler dial".

On Tuesday Kaomi had fun learning about circles, squares and rectangles.  Then I gave her a pile to sort out.  She did a great job.  Felicity joined in identifying the different shapes as well.  While I was giving Katy her piano lesson, Felicity got into trouble by getting my wallet out of the diaper bag in my room and emptying most of its contents on the living room floor.

On Wednesday we worked at church and then Clark and Lissie had Dr. appointments in the afternoon.  So we didn't get any school done.

On Thursday Katy and I worked on Math.  She understands the concepts we are working on very well and is excited to do her math problems.  Kent completed his English in a timely fashion.  While I was reading some of Kaomi's story about Peter Cottontail I had given Felicity permission to use markers with the stipulation that they are only supposed to be used in her coloring book.  When I looked up partly through our story Felicity was coloring her arm pink.  The funny thing was she wasn't even looking at her arm while she was doing it.

On Friday we learned about how our body fights virus's by making antibodies.  Kent, Katy, and Kaomi each had either T-cells, B-cells or K-cells to use to attack a virus in the bloodstream paper on the couch.  I read the directions and added the antibodies.  Felicity was defiant and extra grumpy and wouldn't even take a good nap at nap-time.  I had to convince Kent that it wasn't okay to put a P on his map for history notebooking where Pennsylvania was supposed to be.  The directions said to label Philadelphia.  Katy had to do two English Lessons, because I couldn't find the one she did yesterday to check and she couldn't find it either.  She has a notebook for English, so I'm kind of interested to find out where the missing lesson that she said she did turns up.  I know she had been working on it yesterday because she came and asked me a couple random questions about the lesson.  Kaomi made it through about half of her reading lesson before deciding it was "too hard".  It was a little longer lesson, so we will repeat it and finish it next time.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Great idea to sort out the shapes.


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