Friday, August 10, 2012

Revised 2012-2013 School Schedule

I thought I'd share our new and revised plan for school.  I've realized over the last couple weeks that I'm trying to have the kids do too much every day, which is making for either very long school days or days that end without completing everything on our schedule.  I mentioned this in my post about schooling multiple-aged children.  I can only cover so much ground myself each day, I shouldn't expect them to do more than I can do with them.

This is Trial Schedule #2 for the 2012-2013 school year.

Kaomi's Kindergarten schedule is mainly focusing on Reading, Math and Writing.  We do a few other things sometimes, but our first focus is on the main subjects, then if we have time we add something else fun.   She joins the rest of us for Bible, Storytime and Health.

Kent and Katy's schedule looks like this (we don't necessarily follow this order each day).

Monday: Piano Practice, Bible, Math (2 days), History and activity (2 days), English (1 Lesson), Reading (as scheduled), Storytime, Dictation, Library (as needed).

Tuesday:  Piano Practice, Bible, Math (1 day), Science (2 days), English (1 Lesson), Reading (as scheduled), Storytime, Copywork -Verse, Geography, Health.

Wednesday:  volunteer at church, piano practice, English (1 Lesson), Reading (as scheduled) and catch up if needed from beginning of week.

Thursday:  Piano Practice, Bible, Math (2 days), History and activity (3 days), English (1 Lesson), Reading (as scheduled), Storytime, Poetry, Copywork - Poem, Art.

Friday:  Piano Practice, Bible, History Notebooking, Science (3 days), English (1 Lesson), Reading (as scheduled), Storytime, Dictation, Vocabulary, Timeline.

We do the following subjects together: Bible, History, Reading (as scheduled), Storytime, Science, Geography, Health, Poetry, Art, Timeline.

Kent also has reading on his own for history.  I just assign him the pages to read each week and he is expected to finish them by Friday.

Katy also has cursive everyday except Wednesday.

Hopefully this will be a more manageable schedule for all of us.  We tried it for 2 days and it seems much better.

Now if anyone has any ideas on how to encourage Kent to work diligently on his English lesson to complete it in a timely fashion please leave your suggestion in the comments.  It currently takes him an hour and a half or more to do his lesson.  I've seen him be able to complete them in 30-45 minutes when he wants to.

*( 2 days) = we complete the work for that many days during this assigned time.

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  1. Hang in there with Kent! The older they get, the easier English and writing will come to them, especially boys. Love, Heidi

    1. Thanks, Heidi. He usually does fine on the Lessons, with an occasional struggle. It's probably more of an attitude problem that I haven't figured out how to help him with.

  2. We found that if we gave the girls their hardest subject first when they were younger, they didn't take so long, in order to get to their easier subjects. For Grace it was math, Delsie it was reading. Then we started setting a timer so that if they didn't finish in the 45 minutes they had to do that before they got to play. Then when they sat lollygagging and daydreaming the homework was done durring family time, which they hated to miss out on so they learned to get it done durring the day. Family time happens as soon as Daddy walks in the door. Too this day they hate to miis out on that. And they are now 21 and 16.
    By the way, Grace just got engaged last weekend! Wanted to make sure you knew!Wendy

    1. Wendy, that's what we attempt to do, too. Excited about Grace!


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