Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feeding Breakthrough?

Maybe Clark has finally figured out that people food isn't so bad.  He's been eating crackers, O's, yogurt, and via a mesh feeder strawberries and cantaloupe.

It appears he has a texture issue, but over the last two weeks he's been eating more and gagging less.

Last week Jeff gave him a cut up blueberry.  He ate it and proceeded to eat several more, spitting out the skin occasionally.  This past Sunday we were eating pizza and he kept asking for some (not that he was talking).  I finally cut up a couple of small pieces and he devoured them and wanted more.  Then on Monday we were having grapes at breakfast; he wanted some, so I cut some up and he devoured those too.  Yesterday at breakfast we were having baked french toast.  He wanted some and loved it.  Last night we were having cantaloupe again and I just gave him some to try, expecting that he would gag on it and I would give him more in the mesh feeder, but he ate it, with no problems!  Tonight he ate potato soup.  He kept indicating that he wanted what I was serving everyone else, so I thought he could try it.  He made a few faces, but gobbled it down.

He seems to want what we have on our plates.  So hopefully this trend will continue and he will be eating more and more foods.  I did give him some chicken last week, which he didn't seem to keen about, but maybe next time it will be just what he wants.  He still doesn't like bananas.

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  1. Delsie still doesn't like bananas. It's ok. she eats lots of other things!
    Congrats on Clark want to be like everyone else. Babies taste buds are so bright that new things always seem so severe compared to milk and yogurt. They die off as we age and we are left wanting only the sweet things that we can taste well. Its good that you cook the way you do. I love it anyway!
    How about dinner at our house soon?Wendy


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