Friday, October 12, 2012

Being a Mom is Tiring

This morning I was awake around 6:30.  Up by 7 to get dressed and have my quiet time.  7:30 Clark is ready to get up.  I nurse him while I check my e-mail and let him down.  He's in the kitchen in a flash.  Katy got Felicity up while Clark was nursing.  She came and snuggled with me when he was done.  I put Clark in his booster seat and get Felicity and his breakfast so I can do my morning chores.  Kent, Katy and Kaomi are already working on their chores.  I take my vitamins, load and start the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, pour cereal and milk for Kaomi, get the apple butter started in the crockpot, fix my breakfast and sit down by Clark to eat it.  He wants to get down so I let him down, it's about 8:45 am.  I finish my breakfast, Katy brings Clark back the the living room, he was interrupting her piano practice.  He turns on the TV, I turn it off.  I start another chore and he is back in by the piano.  I bring him back to the living room and block him in by his toys.  He decided to get in the game cabinet and get out the cards.  I put them away and block the cabinet door better.  Felicity wants to play with him, but she decides they are done being "trapped" and lets them both out.  Clark wants to read the library books, he can't quite get them off the shelf yet so he settles for some books on a lower shelf.  He looks at the covers and leaves them on the floor.  Then he realizes I left my bedroom door open and he's in the bathroom before I can chase him down.  I bring him back to the living room and try to get him interested in a truck.  He decides to look out the window.  Then he's in the game cabinet again (it is off limits, but he's determined and we haven't quite got it through his head yet that he isn't allowed to get in it).  I pick up the cards again and he's in my bathroom again.  I left the door open, again.  I bring him back to the living room.  He's in to the piano again.  I bring him back to the living room, he finds a piece of paper and decides it is trash and takes it to the trash can.  Before I catch him, he pulls trash out of the trash can.  I clean it up and take him back to the living room.  He sees some board books and takes off to look at them.  I finish my chore and the living room and kitchen are trashed and its only 9:05 in the morning.  I'm tired and there goes Clark into something else.  We haven't started school yet: Katy's having trouble with her piano practice, Kent is trying to clean the game room and Felicity is running around with her baby, high heels and getting into her own mischief, Kaomi is upstairs.  By 9:15 am I put Clark back in his bed and put some music on.  Now I have a messy house, school has yet to start, I need to bake gluten free muffins for Jeff to take on Kent and his camping trip.  There is so much still to do and my day has hardly started, but I could use a nap, which won't happen and Felicity wants lunch, even though she just finished breakfast about 30 minutes ago.  I'm off to try to keep my sanity and somehow get everything done that has to be done and it would be nice to get something extra done as well.

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  1. This blog post encouraged me the other day:

    I hope it encourages you too! Chin up, Mama! What you do everyday MATTERS!

    1. Thanks Gina, for the link and the encouraging word.

  2. I want to say thank you to Tiffany, who called and asked if she could do the dishes or something today. Just you coming over was a blessing. Thanks for the clean dishes and the visit.


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