Saturday, October 13, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  After having most of last week off from lessons I was hoping to be ready for this week, but I wasn't.  While each of the kids worked on something they could do by themselves for school, I  got our schedule for the week planned.  We also went to the library and they were talking about Fall during storytime.  Everyone made a tree with fall leaves on or around it.

Tuesday:  I had planned a full day of school and then remembered that we were getting together with friends to decorate foam pumpkins and play in the afternoon.  We did manage to get almost everything accomplished before we went to their house.  We had checked a fall craft book out of the Library so the kids have been perusing it trying to find things they could make.  Kent made a Columbus Day craft, since Columbus's birthday is on Friday.  Katy made some caterpillars for her and Kaomi.  I have yet to look through the book, but I'm glad to see that the kids have found some things they could do on their own, with little to no help from me.  They just need to remember to follow the directions.

Wednesday:  I had planned another full school day and then remembered that our Friday volunteering has switched back to Wednesday's.  I informed Kent and Katy that they needed to complete an English lesson and that we would do Wednesday's schedule on Thursday and Thursday's schedule on Friday.  We were gone all day running errands and supper was late.

Thursday:  Trying to get back in the groove.  Felicity kept wanting to know where we were going and when we were leaving.  We stayed home all day and managed to stay pretty much on top of things.  Kaomi even did a great job on her reading lesson, even though she was reluctant to read it with me.  I even got everything corrected after supper, ready for the kids to pick up and start on Friday.

Friday:  Morning started out busy and by 9:30 I suggested Kent and Katy begin their individual work and gave Kaomi her handwriting assignment to work on.  Kent was trying really hard to get everything done he needed to, because he is supposed to be going camping this weekend with Jeff.  We did a great job staying on top of his school and getting most corrections made or at least corrected by me, by mid-afternoon.  I started working on cleaning Felicity's room with her.  We didn't get very far, but she was excited to find her play phone that she had been missing.

I don't think I took any pictures of school stuff this week.

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