Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clark is 16 Months

He is taking steps.  Often up to 14 in a row.  He kind of looks like a toy wooden soldier when trying to walk.

He's getting more demanding.  He knows what he wants and isn't very happy if you don't let him have something he wants.

He loves to press buttons (phones, remotes, etc.).

He loves to push things around the house, but as he gets walking down more I can see that being a little less.

He's down to morning and evening nursings and if he asks in the middle of the day is easily distracted by other food, water or something fun to do.

He's not usually quiet, unless sleeping.

He "reads" by looking at a book and yelling sounds and an occasional word.

He loves to be outside and has found that it is fun to be in the grass.

He adores his older siblings.

His hand eye coordination is great.  He likes to put Nerf bullets into their proper places in the Nerf gun. 

He likes to play with Duplo Legos and can even make them stick together.

He loves to chew on his rag and snuggle his blanket.

He doesn't stop for long and is very "busy" exploring everything that he can think of.

His words are increasing and he can say everyone's name, though not always the clearest.

He thinks airplanes are cool, even if he just hears them.

He loves to eat people food.  There are very few things that he doesn't want to eat anymore. 

He loves to climb the stairs.  He thinks he's big stuff if he gets up pretty far without being caught.  He knows he's not supposed to go upstairs, but climbing is just too fun.

He smiles, a lot.

When he goes to the nursery at church everyone is happy to see him.  He loves to be around people.

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