Sunday, October 21, 2012

In School this Week...

Monday:  This week we are working through Unit 13.  School went was a little on the rough side.  Felicity was grumpy and Kaomi decided that she couldn't read and had a bad attitude, all day.  Kent and Katy did pretty well on their lessons.

Tuesday:  Was better than Monday.  Kaomi did better reading and we all had fun reading more about John Audubon in science.  Kent and Katy did their science notebooking page about owls.  I enjoyed seeing their drawing of an owl.

Wednesday:  We went to church to work in the classrooms and after we had lunch we finished up some of the school that we didn't finish on Monday and Tuesday.  Kent and Katy also did their English.

Thursday:  Katy's birthday!!!  We had a holiday from school so we could spend the day with Katy, doing things she enjoyed.

Friday:  We did well going through our lessons and we made sure to finish everything up, so we didn't have to catch up this weekend or next Monday.  The kids weren't real happy with me for making them do more school after quiet time, but I'm happy that we got it all finished up.

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