Monday, October 1, 2012

Goals for October 1-6

This week I am planning a lighter week.  I would take the week off of school, but if we continue with English we will be sure to finish when we would like to in the Spring and if we continue with reading it just helps a little as Reading has been harder for me to work in for Kent and Katy everyday.

Goals for October 1-6

Monday:  Trip to the Zoo, Write a Letter, Order Produce Basket, Animal Craft (or Tuesday)

Tuesday:  English, Reading, Play Outside, Sewing Project, Write a Letter, Correct English and Reading

Wednesday:  English, Reading, Play Outside, Bake and Clean, Midwife Appointment, Write a Letter, Correct English and Reading

Thursday:  English, Reading, Clean, Chiropractor Appointment(Kaomi), Play Outside, Sewing, Write a Letter, Correct English and Reading, Animal Craft

Friday:  CLC work in classrooms, English, Write a Letter, Play Outside, Make Lesson Schedule for next week, Correct English

Saturday:  Pick up produce basket, Sort and take care of produce, Work around the house, Play Outside

We will see if we do everything, but hopefully the little break from school will have us ready to start up again full swing next week.

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