Monday, April 15, 2013

Don't Blink

If you want to catch the action around here you better not blink, because Clark will be gone in a second.  This morning we started school and in  a flash there was cereal all over the floor.  Then Katy was bringing Clark downstairs where he is supposed to stay.  Then I catch him trying to pick Quinn up from the bouncy chair.  I help him get busy in his room playing Legos and cars, then hear a cry of distress "Clark!" from upstairs.  Kent brings him down.  He eats some cereal from the floor.  Then Quinn is fussing.  Clark is trying to "-old it" again.  I get Quinn and take him to change his diaper.  Clark sneaks into my room before the door is closed starts singing "Jesus Loves Me" and grabs a bottle of BB's off Jeff's desk.  Fortunately I caught him before he absconded with them.  I finished changing Quinn's diaper and called Clark to come hold him.  Clark is upstairs again.  I bring him down and he "holds" Quinn and gives him lots of kisses.  He gets a book and sits at the table in Felicity's chair "reading" it.  I take a couple school books upstairs, put them on the shelf, give hugs to Katy and Kent, write a silly message on the white board and am gone less than 5 minutes.  When I return Clark is sitting in Felicity's chair with a card game and has shredded the box it was in while trying to get it out.  I get him down.  While I fix the box with packing tape I hear paper rustling.   When I finished fixing the box and went to put the packing tape away he was playing "doodle -oo" with the wrapping paper and had partially unrolled a couple of rolls.  Oops!  I guess I didn't latch the door and he noticed.  I roll the wrapping paper back up and he starts to tear Felicity's butterfly off the wall.  Since I'm right there I am able to put a quick stop to it.  I fix the tear with a piece of tape and run up the stairs to catch Clark.  I strap him into his high chair and fix lunch for a short reprieve.

Don't blink because if you do you will miss Clark and just see the aftermath of his adventures.

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