Saturday, April 6, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  Teacher's Day.  No Official Schooling took place.  Friday's work was corrected.

Tuesday:  We started with The Pledge of Allegiance and the Missionary story of the week.  Then we started memorizing Acts 16:31.  Kent practiced the piano while Katy helped watch Clark, so I could make sure the corrections from Monday were correct.  Kent switched with Katy.  When Katy finished practicing the piano she worked on cursive and English.  I did Kaomi's next reading lesson with her and gave her a sentence to practice writing neatly.  Kent was released from Clarky duty to work on copywork, math and English.  He's been learning about writing letters.  He chose to write a letter to Nannie.  He wrote the first draft for me to correct before he writes the copy to send to Nannie.  Katy moved on to working on copywork and math.  After lunch we completed science, history and poetry.  Then I worked on Reading with Kent and Katy.  They started new books today in Realistic Fiction.  Katy is reading The Secret School and Kent is reading Gentle Ben.  They will have 15 reading lessons to complete the books and follow them with a 4-5 day project.  I taught Kaomi that math sentences can be written either horizontal or vertical and she worked on the next 2 pages in her math book.

Wednesday:  We started back to volunteering at church today.  After lunch I did a reading lesson with Katy while Kent practiced the piano.  Then I did a reading lesson with Kent.  It was already quiet time, so I asked Kaomi if she wanted to review reading, but she chose to have quiet time instead.

Thursday:   We had a full day of school.  In science we learned about how pioneers made ink and sealed letters with wax.  We each wrote a sentence, folded the letter we wrote and sealed it with wax.  Then I handed them out randomly and everyone had their own "mail" to open.

Friday:  We had another full day of school.  Felicity found that a "beaYOU--tiful" butterfly appeared where her reading caterpillar and cocoon had been.

I gave the kids an incentive that if they completed their school lessons with 0-1 answers wrong they would get a treat.  Everyone earned a couple of treats.

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  1. Wow! Felicity and Cora are looking more and more alike every day!


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