Saturday, April 27, 2013

In School This Week...

I'm combining the last two weeks of school in this post.

Monday (4/15):  We started school all together.  Then Kent practiced the piano while Katy worked on cursive.  They worked through their list of work for the day.  After lunch we read history, science, and Rascal.  We also began studying a new poem.  I had planned to go to the library, but we were unable to go because the irrigation control system was being installed in the garage and I didn't want to leave with the garage open.

Tuesday (4/16):  The day started on an off note, but we got it turned back around quickly and school was soon underway.  Kent and Katy practiced the piano and worked on their individual work.  I worked on math and thinking skills with Kaomi.  I read some stories to Clark and Lissie and cleaned and de-cluttered the toys in Lissie and Clark's room.  After lunch break we completed poetry, history and science together.  In history we were reading about the Wright brothers and their bicycle shop.  Then I did reading with Kent and Katy.  Kaomi and I finished reading The Adventures of Chatterer the Red Squirrel.

Wednesday (4/17):  We volunteered at church.  My parent's arrived a little earlier than we were anticipating, so we didn't get anything else worked on.

Thursday: (4/18):  No School.

Friday (4/19):  In art we designed daggers as party favors for Kent's Birthday.  We visited our local playground and had a beginning lesson on sword fighting to go along with the theme of Kent's birthday.  We used foam swords to prevent any damage, but still had a great learning experience.

Monday (4/22):  No School.

Tuesday (4/23):  Field Trip for science and history.  We went to the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth.  We all enjoyed our time there.  It was a fun place to visit.  We really enjoyed the hands on cabin where we could touch and try various things from pioneer times.  We also enjoyed seeing the mill with the water wheel that we learned about several weeks ago and the woodworking shop where we got to see a lathe and how it works which we had been talking about last week.  The blacksmith also explained what he did and showed us a little bit how he could make different tools. 

Wednesday (4/24):  We volunteered at church again.  After lunch we caught up on last week's corrections and completed history reading about the Wright Brother's and history notebooking.

Thursday (4/25):  This morning we read another chapter from Seed Sowers.  Then Kent put the finishing touches on the first draft of a paper he is writing for English.  He is doing a great job on his paper.  I will be posting his paper in another post when it is complete.  Then he moved on to working on math.  Katy practiced the piano and worked on cursive.  She is having a bad attitude about her cursive today, because she doesn't want to do it.  I'm hoping when she does turn it in it will be done carefully and neatly, but I'm expecting it to have to be mostly redone, as this is the way she works when she sets her mind to not wanting to do something.  Kaomi worked on subtraction in math and reviewed reading words with the hard and soft c sounds.  After lunch Felicity made gingerbread men cookies for snack to go along with the story we've been reading several times over the last couple weeks. Then we read history and storytime.  Then I did reading with Kent and Katy individually.

Friday (4/26):  This morning we headed outside to learn how to play one on one kick ball.  We all had a lot of fun and didn't want to stop when our time was up.  I told the kids they could play it by themselves when they are playing outside if they want.  We came inside and I worked on math with Kaomi while Kent and Katy began working on their lessons.  I read stories to Felicity and Clark and read The Adventures of Buster Bear to Kaomi.  Then Kaomi did reading and I gave her a writing practice sheet with a sentence from her reading lesson to copy.  I worked on reading individually with Kent and Katy.  We did a science experiment with yeast to how how it produces carbon dioxide to help bread rise.  We also read more of Rascal for storytime.

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