Friday, May 17, 2013

In School This Week...

We are starting to wrap up our school for this session.  I didn't write down the things we did each day this week so here's a quick recap.  We finished history and science for the year.  Kent and Katy did an end of year reading project on the last book they read for reading.  They made a timeline for their book.  I graded them and gave them back.  Kent learned a lesson in disappointment when he received a 59% on his project.  He didn't follow the directions to summarize each section of his book.  He only wrote a phrase for each section.  Next time he has a project I think he will work hard to make sure he follows the directions.  Katy on the other hand did follow the directions and she got a 93% on her timeline project.  She had one section of 18 that she only used phrases for the summary.  Kaomi was learning about time in math this week.  She had fun playing with a foam clock I found in the dollar section last summer.  We started reading The Ordinary Princess for storytime.  Katy has several English lessons left.  Kent has some grammar left.  Everyone still has math to complete.  Next week is our last official week of school lessons.

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