Friday, May 10, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  We had a complete day of school lessons.  In science we added food coloring to hot and cold water to see that heat make water particles move faster.  Kent dropped Katy's piano book behind the piano so she couldn't have a piano lesson.  Kaomi was having a bad day and was coming down with hand, foot, and mouth disease, so she didn't do any school.

Tuesday:  We had a complete day of school lessons.  We finished reading The Wright Brothers and Their Sister for history.

Wednesday:  By 10:30 am Kent finished reading workbook corrections, piano practice, math corrections and grammar.  He was ready to do reading with me, but I was working with Kaomi.  Kaomi read an e-mail from Mimi for reading.  Then she worked on subtraction in math and did some thinking skills with synonyms.  Katy first thing this morning helped me make sloppy joe meat to put in the crockpot.  We will have them for lunch rather than supper today.  Then Katy went to work on English, cursive, math and piano practice.  I read a couple books to Felicity and Clark and gave them a coloring paper to go along with the stories.  After lunch, we did health all together.  Then Felicity and Clark went for naptime.  Our other together work was history and science.  Then I did reading with Kent and Katy each individually.  Then they completed their individual work for science and reading.

Thursday:  Kent had a math review, piano practice, grammar, and corrections from yesterday's work.  He completed them all by 10:15, so he took his preposition test a day early and got 93%.  He had to write the first column of prepositions which was 14 total from memory.  Katy did math with me, before completing her workbook pages on fractions.  Then she did cursive, piano practice, English, and corrections from yesterday.  Kaomi did a reading review and 2 self initiated math lessons.  I did reading together with Kent and Katy and gave them their reading project assignment.  They will be making a timeline of the book they read for realistic fiction.  We also did health, history, and storytime all together.

Friday:  Everyone worked diligently on their lessons today.  In science we did an experiment with making gases.  We used vinegar and baking soda.  The kids were pretty impressed and Clark sat in his chair with big eyes watching the cup foam and overflow.  Then he grunted something unintelligible.  He probably was wondering why Mommy was making a mess.

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