Saturday, May 4, 2013

In School This Week...

Monday:  Kent and Katy began with their individual work right on time.  I worked with Kaomi on reading and math.  Then I read books with Felicity and Clark.  Kent finished his individual work and reading by 11:00 am and he took Clark outside to play.  Katy finished her individual work around 11:30.  After lunch we finished our study on pioneer science and read history.  Then I did reading with Katy.  Kent and Katy did a science notebooking page.  I read The Adventures of Buster Bear to Kaomi.  Kent put the finishing touches on his English paper.

Tuesday:  We started our morning with several rounds of one-on-one kick ball.  We set up a two areas so 4 people can be playing at the same time.  This works well so I can play, because Felicity tires quickly and Clark is too busy playing to try joining our game.  Kent and Katy completed their piano practice and individual work.  Katy wasn't doing her best and didn't get much done before lunch.  Kaomi struggled following directions to complete her color by number.  She read me a section from a book that she found on our bookshelf and was excited that she could read it by herself.  After lunch we read history, talked more about courtesy in health, read from our storytime book and began to learn about Albert Einstein in science.  We also did an experiment with an egg to see how strong the shell was.  Kent and Katy finished working on their individual work and I did English with Kent.  Katy didn't do her copywork, so she'll be doing it tomorrow.

Wednesday:  We volunteered in the Children's Learning Center at church.  After lunch we did science, health and storytime together.  We put water in the freezer and observed it as it froze.  Then Kent and Katy worked on their lessons for the day and Kaomi completed two more math pages.

Thursday:  Today for individual work Kent did: piano practice, math corrections and new lesson, grammar, and history notebooking.  Katy's individual work included: piano practice, cursive corrections and new page, math corrections, copywork corrections, English, and history notebooking.
Kaomi's individual work was handwriting.  I worked on reading with Kent and Kaomi on their own levels.  I worked with Kent and Katy together on their next reading lesson.  With everyone we read science, finished learning about courtesy for health, and read more of our storytime book.  The things we didn't get completed from our plans were Katy's next math lesson with me, Kaomi's next math lesson, and Kaomi's storytime.  The day ended with a "dance party" with Daddy.

Friday:  Kent completed these all by 11:15 am, piano practice, grammar, reading workbook corrections, math corrections, history and copywork corrections and a math lesson where I timed him doing different things to see how many seconds it took him to complete them.  Kaomi was having an off day, but she decided to do reading this morning on her second try with a good attitude.  Katy completed her piano practice, math corrections, English corrections and new lesson, and cursive this morning.  She was having trouble with cursive capital "z", but figured it out.  After lunch I gave Kent a piano lesson.  He was excited to have some new songs to work on.  Then we did history and reading together.  I also did reading together with Kent and Katy.

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